BLAT in command batch files
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Gordon Peterson gep2@terabites.com [blat]
2017-03-06 16:33:35 UTC
Actually, that's a good point... I suggest using a SPITBOL program. You
can either execute the individual lines of the batch file independently
from SPITBOL, or even use the SPITBOL program to customize the batch
file for each iteration (rather than using a replacement item in the
batch file each time).

(SPITBOL is a very cool programming language, a variant of SNOBOL4...
which was developed at Bell Labs about the same time as Unix and C. You
can find an executable and tutorial/users guide in the Files area at the
SPITBOL Yahoogroup.... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SPITBOL ... the
language is ideal for pattern matching, character manipulation of all
sorts, and is actually extremely good for scripting applications.)
IÂŽm building a backup.cmd batch file and trying to use the first argument in the batch file as parameter
I recommend using VBScript instead.
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