email not showing as deleted
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Chris Weadick chris.weadick@gmail.com [blat]
2018-04-16 17:34:37 UTC
Ah I think I found out the scenario...

When you delete the message outlook and gmail do not actually delete them
they move the message to a folder called deleted or trash respectively.

Then when you clean out the deleted "empty folder" then it is really
deleted the email and triggers all the notifications. Always tricky
explaining this to folks who do not understand email and tracking.

same as when folks track the 'clear dot' or whatever they call it and don't
tell folks it needs to have images turned on and potentially may also need
html enabled depending on how it is done.

think if I can get the deleted and read info I am happy enough. Forwarded
message would be interesting or opening an attachment or following a link
but based on my little knowledge on this stuff I assume that is more server
side stuff doing url redirects and so forth vs any kind of email tracking.
Forwarding may be an email tracking thing.

thanks for everyone's patience :)

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