delivered vs received
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Chris Weadick chris.weadick@gmail.com [blat]
2017-02-21 17:23:05 UTC
I read through the discussions I could find and it looks like the -d option
does not function as designed anymore, not because of Blat but because of
most mail servers... and we are to use the -r option.

One thing I have been trying to also get to work... is to have the -r
option route to a 3rd email address. I tried various options thinking the
-returnpath might be the option.

So I have the email set up to
- mail to recipient
- from address X and reply-to should go back to address X
- want the read (prefer deliver and read options) respond to address Y

I could set up a message rule based on the subject line but hoping there is
another option in a setup.

couple more questions... been set up since 2004 and works awesome... just
looking for continuous improvement options... thanks!

PS it is hard to navigate some of the web pages to find the options page
and some googling. Can we set up the blat.net page to have the content like
the old days or is it being phased away and they do not want to release the

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