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iitikarai iitikarai@gmail.com [blat]
2018-10-04 00:37:24 UTC
Thank you very much for all the suggestions.
I tried the suggestion by Bruce using the https link provided by Mike to install IFTTT. It tried it for my cell phone and it worked fine. I noticed two things.
1. Please confirm if the message recipients would be required to install IFTTT On their cell phones?
2. The SMS message will only be forwarded to cell phone number after receipt of the email. Could you confirm this?
My initial thinking was to send the Alert Notification as SMS to the cell phone number from the start, meaning the cell numbers must be in the list of recipients.
The suggestion of using ***@txt.bell.ca (where the 'x'es are my 7 digit cell phone number) which can be included in the recipients list seems very logical. So the alert notification would be received as SMS??? I will enquire with my service provider about this and tell the outcome story later.
Thank you.

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If your recipients use gmail, Bruce’s suggestion is a great idea.  This link tells how to get phone alerts for SOME email, using text messaging! https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/gmail/v9-fEI0PYQ4 It avoids email to SMS by accessing gmail and using SMS to alert. Mike   From: ***@yahoogroups.com [mailto:***@yahoogroups.com]
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Subject: RE: [blat] sending text message by SMS   Your email users may have an option of forwarding select messages to their phones by identifying the sending email address This bypasses any spam concerns as the email user determines which email source to allow to go to their phone.

I have advised my clients and business associates to utilize this option due to security concerns, phone carrier restrictions, etc.
All the best

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Email to text is very unreliable, very prone to SPAM blocking, most providers charge an extra fee equivalent to a small data package anyway, and you need the provider data for each phone number in order to send the message! And your users won’t know that.

For one time costs of about $ 150 you can buy an SMS modem, and $200 buys Diafaan SMS server, and then for about $15 a month you can send unlimited SMS messages that actually have proof of delivery. It also works as a 2-way system.

Much better system than BLAT when there are risks attached to delayed delivery.


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You could send email through the cellular provider's system to SMS. Most
cell providers have a gateway, and you email to the cell phone
***@txt.providerdomain.com. For example, to send text to my cell
phone from email I send to ***@txt.bell.ca (where the 'x'es are
my 7 digit cell phone number).
I have been using BLAT successfully in a batch file with stunnel to send
automatic Alert Notifications related to volcano eruption early warnings
by email. And the listed recipients are able to receive the emails on
their cell phones as well if they have data and are online. Sometimes
the cell phones are not online because there is no data. Having data and
going online 24/7 is not affordable.
So are there any commands in BLAT that can send SMS to cell phone
numbers? Cell phones can still receive SMS text messages even though it
does not have any credits.
Thank you.
Ima Itikarai
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Rod Carty

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