Yes Blat is still viable
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Chris Weadick chris.weadick@gmail.com [blat]
2017-02-21 17:47:03 UTC
I had a couple of folks ask me why we are still using Blat as a recommended
tool when other options exist. Because of the blat.net website current set
up it implies to them that the product is phasing away and not supported.

The most challenging question happened 2mths after a new packaging was
offered by Blat I think it was around September or so:
- I was able to show them that there is still active work being done with
blat (thanks for the timing on that one!
- the forum has content that is still active
- many software products are going to forums and user groups such as Adobe
and Microsoft
- there is not a lot of changes going on in the email standards development
other than CASL stuff (legislation of use not standards of mail protocols)
and I sent them the latest protocol documents which are the standards
outlook would/should support

Just want to confirm there is still interest in Blat from a
support/development perspective - many thanks for your time and thoughts!

I have been using it since 2004 and find it perfect... small package vs
bloatware, it works and easy to configure and... reliable!

Many thanks... hope you are sticking around!

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